Hi & Welcome!

Thanks for dropping by with an interest in joining me on our FBLive Marketing Reef-Get More Customers show!

On the Marketing Reef show, you'll have the opportunity to introduce your business and share your key insights and tips for implementing successful marketing tactics on or offline.

The Live Broadcast will appear on our Facebook profiles, pages & groups and you can even share it before and after the show with your audience elsewhere e.g., on your website, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube & Instagram.

I put links on the show notes to where you want your audience to engage more with you, and share our Interview around my 20,000+ business network before and after the show! It even goes out on a scheduler to my networks long after the show has been broadcast so there's great scope for leveraging my audience to build yours!  

There's one caveat, you must also share the show before and after to your network too!

    Benefits of using Live Video!

Live video is favoured over other content: 

Facebook has made it easier than ever to engage with our customers and is favouring

video over text content in the newsfeed. 

Online video is very popular:

78% of online audiences are already watching video on Facebook Live. 90% think video quality is the most important aspect of Facebook Live videos.

Live video is outpacing the growth of other online video:

There's been a 113% increase in ad growth with Live video

yearly on Facebook.

Video generates more shares:

Video on social media generates 1200% more shares than text and images combined.

    Benefits of coming on the Show!

Add value to your audience by sharing what you do:

Most of us struggle to put out content that is valuable to our connections.

Most of our audience also don't know what we do since promoting in newsfeeds too often is not seen as attractive these days. 

Facebook Live allows you to get better engagement with your audience in real time by asking questions and responding to comments.  

Leverage our audience by sharing what you do: 

The Marketing for Success Interviews are broadcast to both our audiences simultaneously so you'll be speaking to a new ready made network of people (potentially 20k!).

A great opportunity to promote yourself and save time searching for new members to connect with. 

Metrics are available to enable you to know how effective your Lives have been and how much engagement they've had.

Showcase your skills as a thought leader in your industry: 

In any given industry there is high competition to get seen, respected & trusted.

Stand out as being someone who is easily able to connect with others and be the go-to person for the kind of product/service you offer.

Leverage a huge platform with the minimum investment of time, equipment and software.

Do something different! 

Never done live video before? Want an opportunity to engage with it in a safe and easy way to assess whether this could be a great tool to use as part of your marketing strategy? Give it a go and have fun in your business!

Which kind of show are you interested in appearing on?

1. Chat Shows

2. Solo Shows