Hi & Welcome!

Thanks for dropping by with an interest in joining me on our FBLive Marketing Reef-Get More Customers Chat show!

On the Marketing Reef Chat show, you'll have the opportunity to guest with 2 other professionals to discuss issues relating to the themed topic for the show. 

The Live Broadcast will appear on our Facebook profiles, pages & groups and you can even share it before and after the show with your audience elsewhere e.g., on your website, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube & Instagram.

I put links on the show notes to where you want your audience to engage more with you, and share our Interview around my 20,000+ business network before and after the show! It even goes out on a scheduler to my networks long after the show has been broadcast so there's great scope for leveraging my audience to build yours!  

There's one caveat, you must also share the show before and after to your network too!

Topics & Dates for Themed Chat Shows

Topic & Date

Social Media Advertising ~ tbc

PR ~ tbc

Facebook Marketing ~ tbc

Public Speaking ~ tbc

Mastermind groups ~ tbc

Personal Branding ~ tbc

Google Advertising ~ tbc

Copywriting ~ tbc

Blogs ~ tbc

Podcasts ~ tbc

Live Video ~ tbc

Hosting Events ~ tbc