Building a Health Practice Using Offline Marketing Strategies

It’s not rocket science that to build a local health practice the place to start is in your very own community, yes literally in your own back yard!

Here’s why!

You’re local and people like to meet with local people.

It’s relatively cheap, easy and quick to do in terms of your time, energy and money.

People buy from people they trust, like and feel an affinity with; you are your business as a health practitioner and recommendations from other locals build your reputation fast.

Talking about what your business does locally can cost nothing but your time, and yet provides shed loads of value for the people who can gain great benefit from it – a win-win scenario.

Referrers e.g., other medical, dental and health practitioners also in your community like to have people they can recommend clients to in the physical world, either as an alternative or addition to their services.

If you have a physical bricks and mortar health practice where people turn up and get treated face to face, you’re best starting with local marketing strategies. If you’re also using social media to network and connect with locals in your area online, that’s great, however, this isn’t necessary to start and grow a successful health practice.

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Karen Bartle - The Marketing Trainer

Karen Bartle of Reef Marketing is a marketing trainer specialising in training small business owners who want more customers through improving their marketing or trying new methods.