Being prepared for getting back up again

So, on my last few days of celebrating 47 years on this planet, I decided to embark on a new challenge for my 48th year. It’s something I haven’t done since pre-teens, and something I’m feeling incredibly deskilled about. I could be physically injured and scarred for life, a specialist advisor told me. Her advice? To always have self-preservation in place to mitigate risks no matter how experienced you are!

I always remember this quote by Vince Lombardi “It’s not whether you get knocked down. It’s whether you get up again.” It’s a lovely quote widely used in coaching and personal development arenas to inspire people who are failing to embark on something new or challenging through fear of failure i.e., through fear of getting knocked down and feeling unable to get back up to give it another go. I can’t think of a better quote to hold in mind whilst learning the necessary skills to overcome my next significant challenge.

So, inspired by my memories of being in awe of the disco dancers manoeuvrability of the ’80s, and reliving the joys of my youth, I’m learning to skate again at the age of 48! Whilst my ambitions of being able to confidently skate freely around the canals and esplanades along the waterways where I live are lowly compared to the great 80’s dancers or my professional advisor who competes professionally, it’s a challenge I’m not taking lightly.

Every challenge we embark on has pros and cons no matter how small the challenge, and we weigh up the benefits and costs of losing time, energy, money or risks to our health and well-being. I’m mitigating physical risks by being armed with a stash full of body armour and protective gear so when I fall down, which I know I will, given my experienced advisor still does, the pain I potentially endure isn’t so severe I can’t get back up and skate again!

Starting or growing a business poses significant challenges for us and is no different to learning any new skill including taking up a new hobby or interest in life like skating. Having a passion for wanting to do something is a great instigator of change but isn’t usually enough to see it through when the going gets tough. We need a whole host of skills, qualities and resources to make it happen and stay on track such as tenacity, foresight, proactivity, resilience, perseverance, energy, fitness, support, cash flow, etc.

We equally endure costs which might pose significant risks financially, emotionally, socially, behaviourally, physically, etc, and compromises are made in our business, personal and leisure spaces to accommodate. However, if we know what our goal is, we want it bad enough, we have the resources and support to give it a go, and most importantly we’re willing to get back up when we fall down despite the potential consequences or risks, there’s every chance we will succeed!

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Karen Bartle - The Marketing Trainer

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