10 biggest marketing mistakes

Eliminate the stress of putting your heart, soul and children’s inheritance into your marketing only to find you’re going absolutely nowhere fast and throwing all your time, energy & money down the drain!

Here are the 10 biggest marketing mistakes you should avoid making in your business:

1.Creating content of no value to their ideal prospects (putting out adverts or self-promotion where there’s nothing intrinsically valuable for prospects to learn/gain from it e.g., in your blogs or posts on social media)

2. Connecting with the wrong audience (using valuable connection space with people that make you feel good rather than people who are likely to buy from you. E.g., in physical networking meetings gravitating to people who you can get the best rapport with rather than filtering out the ones who you can create an alliance with or leverage your success through their contacts)

3. Connecting with ideal prospects but using inappropriate marketing methods (e.g., pitching too soon to people who are not interested yet and using direct sales tactics on connecting with a prospect when you’ve only just met them – they need some warming p first by getting to know you)

4. Inconsistency in approach (not putting out stuff for long enough or often enough to make an impact. The market is saturated with all kinds of marketing and word out there is that It takes up to 13 personal ‘touches’ before someone is ready to buy from you. People need to feel secure that you’re around to stay and not just a flash in the pan to make a quick buck)

5. Not following up leads (letting valuable leads disappear means you have to start over again finding new ones. This wastes more time, energy and money, especially when your leads are in short supply)

6. Not using metrics to assess what’s working (by not monitoring and reviewing how well your marketing efforts are doing you don’t know what is viable and what is profitable for your business. You want to do the best effort, with the least amount of time, energy and money for the best ROI. Experimentation is costly but taking your eye off the ball could be so much worse for your business.

7. Using too many different tactics and not enough focus (you might be confusing the message about what you’re about by spreading yourself too thin with your marketing. Experimentation will be important, but it will be important to find the best tactic that brings in the best ROI for your business and stick to it)

8. Failing to use paid advertising to compliment free marketing (organic reach is poor these days on social media and whilst your content may be stella it’s not likely to be reaching enough people to make a difference. Attending physical networking meetings may be a great source of support but advertising in local publications and setting up events will also be worth their weight in bringing in new custom )

9. Creating poor quality or inappropriate adverts/copy & graphics for the target audience you’re trying to impress (misdirected and misleading). Business cards, leaflets and websites are important for offline businesses, however poor effort in creating nice looking information r images doesn’t show you as someone professional who cares enough about your business)

10. Not utilising other people’s help enough in encouraging recommendations and referrals (your best advocates will be people who have used your service or product successfully. It’s important to capitalise on this by seeking testimonials and reviews both on and offline by getting your customer to recommend you to others. Word spreads fast in small communities so start there and the rest will follow. Also, build alliances by letting others in your networks and communities know who you are and what you do, referrals are gold, especially in the early days and if better still if they can gain from you in some way they will be more than happy to return your favour).

I hope you enjoyed learning about the 10 biggest marketing mistakes people make in their business and how to avoid them! To learn more great ways to help to transform your business in the next 3 months hop on over to my 3 part training video series

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